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Kittitas County P2P programs offer emotional support, resources and system navigation for families of children and adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities, mental/behavioral health and chronic health conditions. 


P2P Support Meetings

We are continuing to hold our support meetings virtually using Zoom online. 

These meetings are very casual and fun. A time for parents to connect, share resources, and talk about how things are going. Most importantly, a time to support each other

as we navigate disability services, supports, and more. 


Monday's 6:30 - 7:30 pm

Jan 24, Feb 14 and Feb 28

Please email us at kittitascountyparent2parent@gmail.com to access the meeting link.


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Philosophy of Parent to Parent

We walk alongside those parenting children with developmental disabilities and/or special health care needs, connecting them with peer support and information so they can take the next step.

All families of children with developmental disabilities and/or special health are needs deserve encouragement, inclusion and meaningful connections that support family well-being.

We believe parents and caregivers want the best for their families and have the creativity and capacity to overcome challenges and celebrate successes.
We commit to creating safe spaces for reflection, vulnerability, questioning and ongoing learning for parents and caregivers.
We practice inclusion and respect for all whit a commitment to listen fully and learn from the diverse viewpoints of the families we serve.
We honor the rewarding and challenging work of parents, caregivers and community partners.
We engage community partnerships through outreach, listening and education to encourage inclusive communities where families can thrive.
We promote building communities that are equitable, non-biased and socially healthy where all families and children can live inclusive, safe and fulfilling lives.


About Us


Michelle Williams

Kittitas County P2P Coordinator

Michelle Williams holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from CWU and has lived in Kittitas County since 1985. She was a part of the original group that brought Parent to Parent to the local community in 2002, but has been the official coordinator since 2005. She and her husband Rolf Williams, of the local department store Jerrols, are parents themselves of an amazing adult son with Autism and Epilepsy. Michelle is a passionate provider of support for parents in the local Kittitas County community and has made it a mission in her life to continue providing support where it is needed.